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DIE WELT Artist's Edition designed by Daniel Richter

14 October 2022

Abstract painting meets incisive analysis. Productive friction arises when an artist who calls himself a leftist designs an issue of the daily newspaper DIE WELT together with the editorial staff. The result was published 14 Octover: DIE WELT by Daniel Richter, one of the most successful artists of our time.

The issue is visually full of garish, contrasting interpretations of reality. It contains new paintings and political collages by Daniel Richter, whose career began in the Hamburg squatter scene. To this day, political influences run through many of his works. Richter's paintings often trigger strong, sometimes disturbing feelings. In the current WELT, the artist places them next to the journalistic texts as a commentary and classification element in their own right, thus creating an additional level for dealing with reality.

The first WELT artist edition was created in 2010 in collaboration with the painter and sculptor Georg Baselitz. Artist editions by and with Ellsworth Kelly (2011), Gerhard Richter (2012), Neo Rauch (2013), Cindy Sherman (2014), Julian Schnabel (2015), Isa Genzken (2016), Jeff Koons (2017), Christopher Wool (2018), Takashi Murakami (2019), Katharina Grosse (2020) and David Hockney (2021) followed.

The series is curated by Cornelius Tittel, Creative Director WELT and Editor-in-Chief of the art magazine BLAU INTERNATIONAL. 

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