Image: Miquel Barceló: Terres Barceló
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Miquel Barceló: Terres Barceló A film about Miquel Barceló by Christian Tran is now available to watch on Netflix

1 October 2022

Christian Tran directed a portrait of Miquel Barceló at work for a major exhibition at the BnF and the Picasso Museum. The film then unfolds all the diversity of Barceló's artistic approach, from paintings done in limited time in front of an audience, to theatrical performances, via the work that will serve as a guide to the film: an immense clay fresco. Christian Tran also gives great importance to the words of Miquel Barceló. The film then becomes the place for the artist to reflect on his work through the rigorous device set up by Christian Tran, oscillating between gestures and precious words.

"Terres Barceló" 

A film by Christian Tran
2018 / 75 min / HD / Original French version, original English subtitles

Official selection, Journées internationales du film sur l'art - musée du Louvre 2018 (Paris) ; Festival artecinema 2018 (Naples) ; Les conviviales de Nannay 2018 (France) ; Festival Traces de vie 2018 (Clermont-Ferrand, Vic-le-Comte) ; Beirut Art Film Festival 2018 (Lebanon) 

Christian Tran

Aurélie Jourdan

Maëlle Coulange, Maëlle Duchemin

Les Films de la caravane, Artis
Co-production with Lyon Capitale TV

Production aid from the Auvergne-Rhône-Alpes Region, the CNC Audiovisual Support Fund, documentary aid from the Ardèche Department.

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