Image: Daniel Richter
Daniel Richter, O.O.A. (gesang mit löchern), 2011 © Artist
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Daniel Richter My Lunatic Neighbar at Space K, Seoul

July 2022

By Kim Haelee

Daniel Richter is a German Neo-Expressionism descendant. He is a 'transforming artist' who is constantly changing. Richter first gained international attention in 2000 when he showcased a series of 'thermal imaging’ that transformed the turbulent scene into psychedelic colours and grotesque compositions. In 2011, the artist explored nineteenth-century Romanticism and created 'modern historical paintings.' Richter made a sharp curve with ‘abstractions’ in 2015 when he established himself as one of the most important German ‘figurative painters.’ When his brush strokes become familiar to the eyes of audiences, the artist paints in a completely different style and flees like a hide-and-seek game. His first solo exhibition in Korea, My Lunatic Neighbor, is currently on display at Space K, Seoul. The exhibition features 25 paintings ranging from his most recent works to his major works that span his 20-year career. His body of work varies, but it all stems from a rock spirit. Explosive energy and an empowering future! Richter dares to fantasize about 'Funky Utopia.'

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