Image: Tom Sachs:
Tom Sachs, Admiral Achbar, 2022 © Artist
Featured in GQ Korea

Tom Sachs: "The most important thing for all of us to do is to give it a try." Interview by Kim Eun Hee

July 2022
Seoul Fort Hill

By Kim Eun Hee

Kim Eun Hee: The entry rule for the project 'Rocket Factory,' which is also the theme of Thaddaeus Ropac Seoul's first solo exhibition, is to purchase the nose corn, body, and tail parts of the NFT rocket you designed with 30 brands on the online platform to make it a complete rocket. Why did you select these 30 brands? Nike, Peanut Butter Skippy, Hermes, and so forth.

Tom Sachs: There are two reasons for this. The first is that it is a globally recognized brand. Coca-Cola, Apple, Hello Kitty, Chanel, and Budweiser are some examples. And, for another reason, these brands are a big part of my life. These 30 brands shaped who I am today. It's almost a self-portrait. Some brands may also apply to you.

Kim Eun Hee: I'm intrigued by your self-portrait. What three would you choose if you could have any three?

Tom Sachs: Ironically, I believe it would be difficult to choose only three. My life is more complicated. The most important aspect of this project is you. The fact that you can select the brand that best represents you is crucial.

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