Image: Salzburg Premiere: THIS MOVIE IS A GIFT
Film-Still: Anja Salomonowitz, THIS MOVIE IS A GIFT. © Anja Salomonowitz 2021.

Salzburg Premiere: THIS MOVIE IS A GIFT a film by Anja Salomonowitz

23 August 2021, 5pm
Salzburg Halle

A film by Anja Salomonowitz | Film screeening with introductory words by the director. 

THIS MOVIE IS A GIFT is a film about the artist Daniel Spoerri. Actually, it's a film about a perception of Daniel Spoerri: a film almost without Daniel Spoerri, who is mostly portrayed by a child - to say nothing less than that everything in life continues, even if you die in between.

Daniel Spoerri arranges things into one of his assemblages as if he were contributing something to the order of life. Oskar Salomonowitz, the filmmaker's son, vividly brings the artist's thoughts closer to us, as if they were his own. The spoons of the late father of Anja Salomonowitz are added to the cycle of life. People die, things remain. By also updating Daniel Spoerri's past through the child, the film courageously undertakes a new documentary path of cinematic, biographical representation. Spoerri's father, Isaac Feinstein, was murdered in the Holocaust and Spoerri's life was shaped by this disappearance. In his work, he says, the things found at the flea market, which he collects and nails to the wall as compositions, no longer disappear. He has captured life for a moment.


23 August 2021, 5 pm
Salzburg Halle, Vilniusstraße 13
5020 Salzburg

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