Image: Miquel Barceló

Miquel Barceló Sol Y Sombra

21 May 2016
Bibliothèque Nationale De France

Musée National Picasso
Bibliothèque Nationale De France


The Bibliothèque nationale de France and the Musée national Picasso-Paris organize a joint event dedicated to Miquel Barceló. Numerous pieces, never-presented before, allow visitors to discover the Majorcan artist’s universe. Paintings and ceramics are presented at the Musée national Picasso-Paris while the engraved works are put on display at the BnF. Miquel Barceló’s engraved works that stand as a major part of the artist’s production are rarely presented.

The artist, painter, sculptor and ceramist, has also been trying his hand at printing techniques since the beginning of his career. Rich and deeply original, his printed works gather nearly 250 copper and wood engravings, lithographs, screen prints and stampings.


Saturday 21 May, 2:30pm - 5pm

2:30pm Presentation of the exhibition

with Cécile Pocheau-Lesteven, curator of the exhibition

3pm Engraving and Barceló's work

with Miquel Barceló, Cécile Pocheau-Lesteven, René Tazé, Bérangère Lipreau

3:30pm Cave paintings: from the Chauvet Cave to the Allée Julien Cain wall window by Barceló

Conversation between Dominique Baffier and Miquel Barceló and film extracts by Christian Tran

4:15pm From the modernity of thought, Ramon Llull

with Alex Susanna and Dominique de Courcelles

4:45pm Questions from the public

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