Image: Wolfgang Laib
Museum Exhibitions

Wolfgang Laib Where The Land And Water End

14 January—6 February 2017

Secretariat Yangon
Maha Bandoola Rd
Yangon, Myanmar


Wolfgang Laib’s works - mainly sculptures and installations - evade the conventional categories of the global art market. They are calm, minimalistic and reduced to the essential. The most precious ingredients of life such as pollen, bee wax, milk or pure marble stone turn into intense images of beauty.

They are deeply rooted in a spiritual vision of our world. Through their immateriality they reveal the deeper meaning of life hidden behind the surface of the things around us. Since his youth, Wolfgang Laib felt attracted by Asian Philosophies and Religions. He spends part of his life on his own land in Southern India.

Before settling in India he was considering of getting a pied-à-terre in Myanmar. That plan didn’t materialize for several reasons, but it remained a dream of his to bring some of his art to this country. His works require large spaces to exert their impact on the visitor.

Both of these – Laib’s affinity with Burma and the spatial prerequisites for his art - were the basis from which the idea of a major exhibition at the Secretariat in Yangon arose.

The Goethe-Institut Myanmar together with the Institute for Foreign Relations (IFA) in Stuttgart/Germany will bring some prominent works by Laib to Myanmar. The exhibition at the old heritage building will be possibly one of the most important art events in Myanmar in the past years. It will highlight the intention of the city of Yangon to dedicate the unique piece of architecture in the near future predominantly to arts and culture.


Opening January,14th | 2:30 PM

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