Image: James Rosenquist Estate
Museum Exhibition

James Rosenquist Estate Works On Paper

24 March—17 June 2018
Museum of Modern and Contemporary Art Casa Cavazzini, Udine

OPENING: Saturday, 24 March, 6 p.m

In 1963, the exhibition Six Painters and The Object was opened at the Guggenheim Museum: American Pop Art was beginning and among those six painters were artists like Jim Dine, Roy Lichtenstein, Andy Warhol and James Rosenquist. A year after his death, the exhibition James Rosenquist is dedicated to the latter

Works on paper / Works on Paper , an exhibition organized by the Municipality of Udine-Civici Musei and ERPaC, Regional Body for Cultural Heritage, aims to reconstruct the main stages of his artistic career, focusing specifically on his extensive works on paper. 

The exhibition will be inaugurated on March 24 at 18.00 at Casa Cavazzini in the presence of the artist's wife, Mimi Thompson, and his daughter, Lily, who will come to Udine for the occasion. Til the 17 June 2018, in the halls of the Museum of Modern and Contemporary Art of Udine, you will be able to admire thirty-five works by the American artist. It will mostly comprise of engravings, drawings and collages, mostly from US private collections, which outline the evolution of his work from the beginning of the Sixties, to the latest.

The exhibition will include works such as Spaghetti & Grass or Dusting off Roses(both of 1965) that mark the beginning of the artist's career in the field of art graphics. It follows on to significant masterpieces, such as the color lithographic series entitled Speed ​​of Light from the late nineties, along an itinerary that reconstructs visually Rosenquist's career.

The exhibition was created in partnership with illycaffè , which whom the American painter had a special relationship: it was Rosenquist, in fact, to realize, in the mid-90s, the logo for the Trieste company. Also on display will be the painting by Rosenquist as a tribute to illycaffè, from which the logo known today is taken.

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