Image: Sean Scully at Houghton Hall
Sean Scully, 'Smaller Than The Sky,' installation views, Houghton Hall, Norfolk, 2023. © Sean Scully. Photos: Peter Huggins.
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Sean Scully at Houghton Hall Smaller Than The Sky

23 April—29 October 2023
Houghton Hall, Norfolk

This spring one of the world’s most celebrated artists Sean Scully will take over the grounds and historic interiors of Houghton Hall in Norfolk for an exhibition that will showcase the full range of the artist’s sculpture. In the Hall and Contemporary Gallery, the artist will also show a significant group of paintings and works on paper. Sean Scully at Houghton Hall - Smaller Than The Sky will open on 23 April 2023 and run until 29 October. 

In the lead up to the opening of Sean Scully's exhibition at Houghton Hall, the permanent installation of the artist's monumental sculpture Landline London 2022 will be unveiled in Hanover Square, London, on 18 April 2023. Standing at over five metres tall and formed from five layers of polished marble in different colours, the single compressed tower reflects the stratified sediments of history and the lived experiences of the diverse people that the city represents.

Houghton Hall was built in the 1720s for Britain’s first Prime Minister Sir Robert Walpole, and the 2023 exhibition will showcase Sean Scully sculptures in a wide range of materials sited in the Palladian house and around the extensive formal gardens.

Several new works will be included in the exhibition including stacks made of sandstone, wood, glass and marble. The sculptures range in scale from small maquettes to monumental open structures in steel, such as Crate of Air, and a new Wall of Light sculpture, constructed from locally sourced limestone.  The exhibition will be a showcase of Scully’s outdoor sculptures in dialogue with works in other media.


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