Image: Daniel Richter
© B14FILM, Foto: Kolja Brandt
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Daniel Richter Documentary by Pepe Danquart

February 2023

"Daniel Richter" is a film about contemporary painting, about the art trade, but above all a film about the visual artist Daniel Richter, his painterly work, his career, his current work.

A film about his paintings, which first became abstract, then more and more figurative and today again, as he says, "modern". A film about his talent as a draftsman, as a painter, as a performer, and last but not least a film about the human being Daniel Richter - flanked by his painter friends Jonathan Meese and Tal R, the collector Harald Falckenberg and the curator Eva Meyer-Hermann.

Richter, a former punk from Hamburg's squatter scene, is now a star on the international art scene. His paintings are bought, collected, and traded all over the world. He is a rebel at heart, a deeply political man. His attitude has also always flowed into his art. Somehow. And so Oscar-winning director Pepe Danquart's documentary is much more than a classic portrait of the artist, more than a tribute to his work and his life.

The film follows Daniel Richter over a period of three years, captures his artistic development, celebrates his major exhibitions in New York and Paris with him, observes him uncommented and for a long time in his studio: painting, listening to music, thinking.


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