Image: Tony Cragg
Museum Exhibitions

Tony Cragg at Reggia di Venaria

9 June 2022—8 January 2023

One of the most successful British contemporary artists in the world, Tony Cragg, returns to Turin to hold an exhibition at Reggia di Venaria with a selection of ten sculptures, created between 1997 and 2021. The sculptures are placed along the permanent exhibition tour of the Reggia that starts from the Court of Honour, passes through the Upper Park of the Reggia’s Gardens and ends in the atrium of the Juvarra Stables.

Shaped using various materials such as bronze, wood, fibreglass and steel, these large works all feature the typical wavy and sinuous lines that seem fashioned on a gigantic potter's lathe.

Tony Cragg's work explores the multiple relationships existing between human beings and the environment. Using a wide selection of materials and sculptural techniques, the artist thematises the complex connection between the figure, the object and the landscape which, in Cragg’s view, includes both geological and microbiological systems as well as urban and industrial contexts.

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