Image: Gilbert & George
Museum Exhibitions

Gilbert & George Exhibition at the Museum of the Celts Hallein, Austria

22 July—2 October 2022

The renowned British artist duo Gilbert & George present selected works from 2007 to 2013 in the special ambience of the museum and in dialogue with objects from Salzburg's prehistory, as well as the salt mines of the prince archbishops.

The project in Hallein is due to a special coincidence. Gilbert, who originally comes from St. Martin in Thurn in South Tyrol, was a student at the Hallein Sculpture School before starting his international career. The school's 151st anniversary is now the occasion for Gilbert's exhibition at the place where he was once trained as a sculptor. 

Gilbert & George are themselves regarded as "Living Sculpture" through their joint appearance, their habitus and their clothing, and have thus contributed significantly to the expansion of the concept of sculpture. At the same time, their joint actions also provided the basis for a comprehensive oeuvre of images through which they have been  commenting on the world for over 50 years.

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