Image: Antony Gormley • Ron Mueck
Museum Exhibition

Antony Gormley • Ron Mueck Human: 7 questions

8 October 2021—2 January 2022
Leeum Museum, Seoul, Korea


Humans have always tried to define ourselves, and the development of science and technology have brought about incredible changes to how we view ourselves and the world. Humans continue to take on challenges that transcend our own limits, but on the other hand, we are also increasingly experiencing environmental disasters that are transforming our lives. In this unfamiliar and rapidly changing situation, we are forced to reconsider the answers to questions about humans. 

With this in mind, Human: 7 questions examines the meaning of existence as a human being today and in the future. The exhibition is structured in the form of seven questions asked about human beings, which provoke reflection on human existence, the crisis of humanism and the discussion of post-humanism through a selection of both Korean and international contemporary art. The exhibition illuminates depictions of humanity that cross the boundaries between mind and body, reason and irrationality, selfhood and community, reality and virtuality, and human and non-human, and rethink the human values ​​that we have taken for granted. What is a human? What are the conditions that define humanity? How are the boundaries between the self, the other and the world changing?


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