Image: Jules de Balincourt
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Jules de Balincourt Eldorado 3000

27 April—1 September 2019
El Dorado Lille 3000

Tripostal, Lille, France
Muba, Tourcoing, France


Jules de Balincourt is currently showing more than 10 paintings in Eldorama, Tripostal, Lille and Les Enfants du Paradis, MUba Eugène Leroy, Tourcoing as part of this year's El Dorado Lille 3000.

The flagship of lille3000, Admiral, the Tripostal unfolds the great story of Eldorado through a myriad of contemporary works of art borrowed from all over the world. New Eldorados, the exhibition presents the universal adventure of all the Eldorados who move and move individuals. Punctuated by works that launched the movement, while others offer themselves as ideal stations before moving on to other horizons, the journey unfolds a dynamic epic story, but also wild and violent, animated by the artists’ fascinated or critical look at the new eldorados that our contemporary world promises us.

First, in antiquity, there were the ancient myths of the lost cities, the Atlantians swallowed up with all their riches. Then, in the 16th century, it was the conquest of the Eldorados of Mexico and Peru, the wild plundering of Aztec or Incan treasures. Then Eldorado is a constantly renewed myth, which takes us to the countries of yellow gold, but also black gold (oil), green gold (ecology), and even artificial or tax havens. Eldorado begins there: with the attraction of dreamed, invented worlds, of blessed utopias built by desire.

The Eldorado is always somewhere else. And in fact his great story also goes through the test of disillusionment: by passing from a dream country to real lands, the adventurer settles into a new life made of habits, routine, and soon boredom. He begins to dream, once again, of another Eldorado. Our contemporary world is full of it, and constantly stirs up before our eyes the mirages of new paradises, often contradictory: distant islands or inner Zen, fiscal exile or ecological decline... In this last chapter, we will thus move between works that are sometimes critical, sometimes dreamy, between disappointment and new hope.

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