Image: Online Charity Auction

Online Charity Auction Sale of a self-portrait by Georg Baselitz

21—31 January 2021
Online only

Georg Baselitz' self-portrait Zero, 2018 will be auctioned in support of the Kunst hilft geben-association in Cologne at the auction house Lempertz.

In 2018 the Fondation Beyeler held a seminal exhibition of works by Georg Baselitz to mark his 80th birthday. During an interview with the ZDF program "aspekte", the artist drew a self-portrait; the television interview was suddenly no longer just an interview, but was able to show the creative process of one of the most influential representatives of contemporary art.

A discussion ensued of what to do with this exceptional work of art and it was decided to hold an auction and sell the self-portrait for a charitable cause. The drawing was donated to the association Kunst hilft geben für Arme und Wohnungslose e.V.

Georg Baselitz was immediately taken with the idea: "Artists are always closer to those in need than to those in power. Already Diego Velazquéz painted the homeless more beautifully than the despots. I hope this auction will draw attention to the hardship of these people."

The association approached the auction house Lempertz, and thus four strong partners - Georg Baselitz, ZDF, the Kunst hilft geben-association and Lempertz - joined forces in support of the homeless.

The artwork
Georg Baselitz
Zero, 2018
Pencil on paper. 29,5 x 20,6 cm,
Signed and dated top center: 18. I. 2018 G. B. 

The auction will take place as an online-only auction at Lempertz between 21 January and 31 January 2021 (4pm). Interested parties can register to bid on the Lempertz website from Thursday 21 January onwards. Information on the auction: |

The ZDF program "aspekte" will report on the auction on Friday, 22 January at 11.30 pm. Tune in!
Information about the programme: Peter Schiering, editorial office Kultur Berlin / aspekte 

The association: Kunst hilft geben für Arme und Wohnungslose in Köln e.V.

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