Image: Antony Gormley
Museum Exhibition

Antony Gormley Feel

18 October 2019—19 April 2020
Busan Museum Of Art

Busan Museum Of Art
58 Apec-ro
Busan, Korea

This exhibition represents the inaugural event in a new series called “Lee Ufan and His Friends” at Space Lee Ufan. The first solo exhibition in Korea of new works by Gormley will include sculptures FALL II, DOUSE, STREAM, and REACH III from his ’Rooter’ series, together with 16 drawings.

While Antony Gormley and Lee Ufan belong to different generations, their works have much in common in terms of artistic context. When Lee spoke with Gormley for this exhibition, he said, “Although I do not represent my body in my work, I feel a deep sense of familiarity with you regarding the fact that my body mediates my work.” In turn, Gormley remarked, “The body is our spaceship, the vehicle or vessel through which all our impressions of the world come and through which all expressions of vitality are communicated. I have no interest in telling stories, but I do want to engage with life - that is art’s only purpose.” The two artists share more than that. In their work, both actively invoke the contextual meaning of the space in which a work is installed, and they go beyond the conventional aesthetics of representation or reproduction to explore relationships with the world and with society. Having the two artists’ works mounted within the same space makes this exhibition particularly significant, in that it will allow viewers to compare the two artists’ approaches to their work and to the world. Such comparisons promise an intriguing experience, as both have moved beyond the minimalist or conceptual trends found in American art to subvert the conventions of art. In viewing works by two artists whose interpretation is never confined to the criteria of conventional “beauty,” viewers may find this a pivotal moment for absorbing renewed artistic meaning.

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