Image: Imran Qureshi: Home
Museum Exhibition

Imran Qureshi: Home Solo show at COMO, Lahore

25 February—30 June 2024
COMO Museum of Art, Lahore, Pakistan

The exhibition pays homage to both the city of Lahore and to the idea of a home. As COMO Museum was originally designed as a residential house in the 1980s, Qureshi sets out to reimagine and reinvigorate it as a home space.

Earlier this month, Qureshi opened his solo show The Garden at Nasir Bagh, Lahore. The exhibition was designed around the idea of a garden and will run in parallel with his conception of a home at COMO Museum.

The two exhibitions, connecting as a philosophical diptych, create an interesting conversation about the concepts of home and garden. Ultimately, they serve as an ode to the artist’s connection with the city of Lahore.

Imran Qureshi, recipient of the presidential award Sitar-e-Imtiaz, was born in Hyderabad, Pakistan in 1972. In 1993 he earned a BFA at the National College of Art in Lahore, with Distinction, where he started teaching shortly after. His work is firmly rooted in the tradition of miniature painting - the subject he still teaches at the NCA - whose acme in the region was reached during the Mughal Empire. Imran Qureshi has been exhibiting locally and internationally for almost twenty-five years and has managed to greatly expand the language of miniature painting, both in traditionally sized and crafted work and in many original variations in the form of site-specific installations, three-dimensional works, videos and paintings on paper and canvas. His work is exemplary of a practice that combines a local background with a global outlook, artistically, socially and politically.

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