Image: Ron Mueck at Fondation Cartier
Ron Mueck, Mass (2017), installation view at the Fondation Cartier in Paris. Photo: © Marc Domage
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Ron Mueck at Fondation Cartier 13 Must-See Museum Exhibitions in Europe This Summer

14 June 2023

Daniel Jameson

By all indications, this summer will be another record-setting season for travel. With Americans' trips alone surging 55 percent over last year-which was already a sixfold increase compared to 2021-chances are you, or someone you know, will be jetting around the continent during the next three months. No path across Europe is complete without a visit or two to its renowned art institutions, so here's our list of the most intriguing European museum shows to have on your radar (or to share with others) while hitting the cobblestones or autobahns this summer. 

Ron Mueck, Fondation Cartier, Paris, France 

Celebrated artist Ron Mueck's third exhibition at the Fondation Cartier spotlights a series of sculptures never seen before in France, showcasing them alongside iconic works from his career that illustrate his signature, hyper-realistic style. With pieces ranging from Mass-a monumental installation comprised of 100 giant human skulls, presented for the first time outside of Australia-to En Garde-new sculpture created for the show that depicts a menacing group of large dogs-visitors will discover the evolution's in Mueck's practice since his beginnings in 1996. 


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