Image: Zadie Xa at Whitechapel Gallery
Installation view of Zadie Xa: House Gods, Animal Guides and Five Ways 2 Forgiveness at Whitechapel Gallery in London. Photo by Andy Keate.
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Zadie Xa at Whitechapel Gallery

11 October 2022

By Jo Lawson-Tancred

With no shortage of world class museums, London usually boasts a good roster of unmissable exhibitions. For the art crowds that flock to the U.K. for Frieze Week, the city is putting its best foot forward with a bumper offering of Modern and contemporary art exhibitions.

Fairgoers who need a break the frenzied bustle and want to see more of what London has to offer outside of Regent’s Park and pop-up tents will no doubt feel spoilt for choice. 


A new immersive installation by Zadie Xa continues the artists long time interest in her country of heritage, Korea. Housed within a traditional “hanok” architectural structure, a range of sculptures, paintings and textiles revive many of the traditional Korean legends, ideologies and Buddhist shamanic practices that were left behind during the country’s rapid industrialization of recent decades. Among the highlights are the “Animal Guide” marionettes, including tigers, foxes and seagulls, who each have their own spiritual and cultural resonances.

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