During the early 1990s, in a manner less consumer-critical than autobiographical, Sylvie Fleury combined designer carrier-bags and luxury cosmetic packaging in effective arrangements which revealed a precise knowledge of the artistic aesthetics of pop and minimal art. In the form of luxury fetishes either gilded or cast in bronze, she still synthesises the strategies of Duchamp's Ready-Made with Warhol's reflection on our consumer world. During the ensuing years, imitations, or rather, appropriations of works by famous male artist colleagues, and her central themes have been the study of the visual world of classic male domains such as motor sport, as well as Zen, New Age and spiritual techniques.

In her solo exhibition in Salzburg, Fleury shows a new video-work, site-specific wall-paintings, the new series of Mushroom Sculptures, and an installation with extraterrestrial beings which are the central piece in the well-received exhibition Rückkehr ins All [Return to Space] in the Hamburg Kunsthalle.

For the façade of the Mozarteum in the Schwarzstrasse, Sylvie Fleury has created neon scripts based on Mozart's letters, repeating in true Warhol sequence a sentence typical of Mozart and also of Fleury's work: Ich möchte alles haben, was gut, ächt und schön ist! [I would like to have everything that is good, genuine and beautiful]. This project is part of the art programme initiated by the International Mozarteum Foundation for the "Mozart Year", which also includes an exhibition with new Word Pieces by Jack Pierson, to be opened on the same day in the Mozart house on Makartplatz.