Image: Gerwald Rockenschaub
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Gerwald Rockenschaub reappropriation (allure / construct)

30 März—2 Juli 2023
Schlossmuseum Linz, Austria

Gerwald Rockenschaub is one of the most internationally renowned representatives of Austrian contemporary art. Since his artistic beginnings in the Neo-Geo movement of the 1980s, he has developed a stringent oeuvre characterized by radical reduction and precision. His works reveal borrowings from constructivist-concrete traditions as well as an interest in the abstraction of form, which plays an essential role in the creation of pictograms and similar pictorial signs.

He develops his minimalist and equally complex interventions of form and color precisely for the respective exhibition space. For the Linz Schlossmuseum, he combines a color concept with works from various creative phases. The term reapproriation used in the title is also to be understood in the sense of this revisiting and recontextualizing of earlier works.

An essential aspect of Gerwald Rockenschaub's art is the deliberate breaking of habits of seeing and perception. While in other exhibitions he often deliberately created barriers through sculptural interventions or fixtures, in the presentation in Linz Castle it is precisely the lack of spatial interventions that determines the perception of the space.

Curator: Gabriele Spindler

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