Image: Yan Pei-Ming

Yan Pei-Ming The Funerals of Monna Lisa

15 December 2022
Louvre Abu Dhabi

Pei-Ming exhibited a vast picture gallery of children portraits (Le
Retable, éloge des métissages) at the Panthéon. In 2005, he
participated to the Year of France in China and exhibited at the
Museum of Fine Arts in Dijon, Shanghai and Guangzhou (Canton)
l’Hommage à mon père (Tribute to my father). In 2007-8, the Maeght
Foundation (Saint-Paul-de-Vence) welcomed his Portraits d’artistes
(Artists’ Portraits).

The Funerals of Monna Lisa were exposed in the XIXth Century paintings
galleries at the Louvre in spring 2009, just after the exhibition of Pablo
Picasso’s famous works inspired by the Femmes d’Alger by Eugène

To exhibit Yan Pei-Ming’s work in Abu Dhabi is once again asserted as a
powerful symbol. A symbol of the Louvre’s presence starting today in
the United Arab Emirates and its engagement to create, with the other
French museums, a singular and unique museum that will bear its name
for 30 years. A symbol of the Louvre’s universal dimension reminded
here, while we are facing globalization, showing a thin link between its
prestigious collections and the artistic contemporary creation by
reminding, with strength, the power of the great artwork that binds
people from different nations. The museum of the Louvre, affirms itself
as an essential element and founder of the cultural dialogues in the
beginning of the XXIst century.

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