• Stephan Balkenhol
    Le Prévu et l'imprévu
    October 17, 2020 - October 30, 2020

    I am looking for the contrast between figuration and the abstraction of architecture.

    – Stephan Balkenhol 

    Known for his wooden sculptures German artist Stephan Balkenhol presents an exhibition in dialogue with the architecture of the hypostyle hall designed by Auguste Perret. 

    Fascinated by the city of Le Havre, which was completely rebuilt according to Perret’s plans after the Second World War, Stephan Balkenhol has long been familiar with the work of the architect. 

    In the unique setting of the Palais d’Iéna, his sculptures become individuals scattered between the aligned cone-shaped columns. The narrative suggested by this anonymous crowd remains open. “My sculptures don’t tell stories. There is something that has to do with secrecy. It is not for me to reveal it, but for the viewer to discover it by himself” comments the artist, who chooses not to reveal specific narratives. In this human comedy populated by fictional characters, several scenarios seem possible.

    Stephan Balkenhol carves his figures with a mallet and a chisel directly from tree trunks, often made of wawa or cedar wood, without trying to erase the traces left by the tools. This unique technique creates a feeling of individuality that is specific to each sculpture, further reinforced by the colours chosen to structure and animate the figures. Placed at human height on raw wooden plinths, these men, women and sometimes hybrid beings, as if out of a fable or an opera, seem both distant and in tune with the viewer. “I try to give them an expression open to others, explains the artist. From there on, all situations are possible.” 

    To plan your visit, RSVP at rsvp.balkenhol@ropac.net. 

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  • Erwin Wurm
    K11 Kulture Webinar Series
    October 15, 2020 - October 15, 2020

    Join artists Erwin Wurm and Elmgreen & Dragset for an online panel discussion on 'Art & Ownership in Public Spaces'. 

    Public art in the 21st century has broken away from its sculptural and taken on a new identity. What is public art nowadays and who decides? The artist or the public? From the likes of Robert Indiana to Richard Serra, there is so much art in the public eye. Who has the last say?

    Part of the K11 Kulture Webinar Series, the conversation will be moderated by Camilla Russell, Assistant Manager in Business Development, New World Development. 

    Thursday 15th October

    4pm HKT, 9am BST, 10am CET

    Click here to register

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  • Sean Scully
    Passenger – a retrospective
    October 14, 2020 - January 31, 2021
    The Museum of Fine Arts – Hungarian National Gallery

    The first Sean Scully retrospective in Central Europe, Passenger – a retrospective will present a major survey of the artist's ouevre spanning over 50 years. 

    Including monumental paintings, works on paper, sculpture and photography, the exhibition explores the ways in which Scully reinterprets the traditions of abstraction and broadens its definition.

    Viewed within the context of the Museum of Fine Arts, the retrospective offers visitors the opportunity to experience the museum's collection and the history of painting from new perspectives. 

    Curated by Dávid Fehér, Museum of Fine Arts. 

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  • Donald Judd Foundation
    Live Conversation - JUDD
    October 10, 2020 - October 10, 2020
    3 pm ET / 8pm EST

    Judd Foundation presents a conversation with Ann Temkin (Marie-Josée and Henry Kravis Chief Curator of Painting and Sculpture, MoMA, NY) and Caitlin Murray (Director of Archives and Programs, Judd Foundation).

    The pair will discuss Judd, on view at MoMA until 9th January 2021.

    This conversation will include discussion of the role of the Donald Judd Papers and his installed spaces in New York and Marfa, Texas in the development of Judd, the first major US retrospective dedicated to the artist’s work in over three decades.

    Presented in conjunction with Chinati Weekend.

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  • Ron Mueck
    Featured in the Financial Times
    October 9, 2020 - October 9, 2020

    Sin at the National Gallery London in the Financial Times


    ... Standing alongside it [William Holman Hunt's "The Scapegoat" (1854-55)] is Ron Mueck's hyperrealist sculpture "Youth" (2009), a black man in T-shirt and jeans quizzically examining a stab wound on his torso – today's scapegoat burdened with others' sins ... Affecting, urgent, it sends the visitor back to Old Master suffering, to bleeding Christs and doubting Thomas's polking flesh ... 

    – Jackie Wullschläger, October 2020

    Read the full article on FT.com 


    © Ron Mueck / photo the National Gallery, London




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  • Oliver Beer
    Featured in The Guardian
    October 9, 2020 - October 9, 2020

    Oliver Beer, Oma featured in Hettie Judah's Frieze week round up for The Guardian

    The melancholy beauty of Oliver Beer’s Oma (Thaddaeus Ropac) lifted my heart. A pianola plays a tune composed by the artist with his grandmother while telling the story of its own making. Around it, Beer has arranged sliced sculptures holding her paintbrush, books and cane, hinged like devotional pictures.

    – Hettie Judah, October 2020


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  • Alvaro Barrington
    Frieze LIVE 2020
    October 9, 2020 - October 13, 2020
    Alvaro Barrington partners with musicians, comedians and performance artists to produce a series of live acts that will be broadcasted from the IMH via @friezeartfair on 10 and 11 October. The performances establish a conversation between London, where Barrington is based, and his hometown New York, and continue the artist’s ongoing commitment to interconnectedness, collaboration and unity. 
    Saturday, 10 October, 1pm: Alvaro Barrington, CHAPTER 1
    IMH 9 Cork Street / Basement and livestream @friezeartfair
    Online only
    Saturday, 10 October, 4pm: Alvaro Barrington, CHAPTER 2
    IMH 9 Cork Street / Basement and livestream @friezeartfair
    Online only 
    Sunday, 11 October, 4pm: Alvaro Barrington, CHAPTER 3
    IMH 9 Cork Street / Basement and livestream @friezeartfair
    Online only
    Find out more via Frieze.com
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  • Ron Mueck
    Group Exhibition: Sin
    October 7, 2020 - January 3, 2021
    The National Gallery, Trafalgar Square, London WC2N 5DN

    Ron Mueck is participating in the upcoming exhibition at London's National Gallery, Sin. 

    Bringing together works of art that span centuries, the exhibition explores the concept of sin in art, considering the complex theological ideas and depictions of 'sinful' everyday behaviour and how we define the term in our daily lives. 

    Read more at the NationalGallery.org

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    Sunnyi Melles rezitiert Gedichte
    October 3, 2020 - October 3, 2020
    Salzburg Villa Kast

    SAMSTAG, 3. OKTOBER 2020, 11 UHR

    Am letzten Tag der Anselm Kiefer Ausstellung, die der Künstler Walther von der Vogelweide gewidmet hat, rezitiert Sunnyi Melles Gedichte des Minnesängers und beschließt damit den dritten Teil der Veranstaltungsreihe. 

    Als legendäre Buhlschaft an der Seite von Helmuth Lohner im Jedermann und in der Titelrolle in Jean Racines Phädra bei den Salzburger Festspielen ist Sunnyi Melles neben ihren zahlreichen Theaterrollen – unter anderen am Bayerischen Staatsschauspiel und dem Wiener Burgtheater – auch aus Spielfilmen bekannt, wie dem oscarnominierten Film 38 – Auch das war Wien unter der Regie von Wolfgang Glück und zuletzt als Gräfin in Stefan Ruzowitzkys Narziss und Goldmund.

    Sunnyi Melles erhielt zahlreiche Preise und Auszeichnungen und ist Mitglied der Bayerischen Akademie der Schönen Künste, sowie der Schweizerischen, der Österreichischen und der Europäischen Filmakademie. Sie ist Trägerin des Bayerischen Verdienstordens und erhielt 2005 den Nestroy-Preis als „Beste Schauspielerin“. Sie ist nach Gustaf Gründgens und Martin Benrath als bedeutendste Schauspielerin ihrer Zeit Trägerin der Satyr-Knöpfe von Goethes Rock. Zudem ist sie Programmdirektorin der Jüdische Kulturtage München.

    Um die Einhaltung der aktuellen Sicherheitsbestimmungen zu garantieren bitten wir um Anmeldung unter +43 (0) 662 / 881393 oder per E-Mail an salzburg@ropac.net

    Abbildung: Foto © Karl Lagerfeld / Sunnyi Melles

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  • Robert Longo
    Plan Your Vote
    October 1, 2020 - November 3, 2020

    Robert Longo has designed a free, downloadable poster as part of the nonpartisan Plan Your Vote initiative organised by Vote.org in the build up to the US election.

    With over 50 institutions and artists involved, the goal is to provide a trove of shareable imagery raising awareness about the importance of voting and providing useful information regarding registration, key dates and facts and polling station locations via Vote.org. 

    To view and download Longo's artwork, please follow this link

    Click here to share via Instagram.

    For further information or to register to vote, visit PlanYourVote.org or Vote.org.

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