• Nick Oberthaler
    The blackbird must be flying.
    October 12, 2014 - January 4, 2015
    Centre D'Art Bastille, Grenoble, France

    Thirteen stanzas, many stories and situations all connected by the symbol of the blackbird. However, it is not this symbol that inspired Nick Oberthaler and Thomas Juliers for their joint exhibition. What interested them in this poem by Wallace Stevens, is the way the author superimposed concentric circles, one could say layering his narrative, connecting the nature mentioned in the beginning of human society before returning to its starting point, a rare snowy environment mentioned in the first stanza. If each part of the poem has its own writing rule, all point each time in the direction of the blackbird as a focal element of these stories. Thus each of the thirteen ways of looking at the blackbird seems like a new realization of the poetic imagination of the author.