Alvaro Barrington

  • Frieze LIVE 2020
    October 9, 2020 - October 13, 2020
    Alvaro Barrington partners with musicians, comedians and performance artists to produce a series of live acts that will be broadcasted from the IMH via @friezeartfair on 10 and 11 October. The performances establish a conversation between London, where Barrington is based, and his hometown New York, and continue the artist’s ongoing commitment to interconnectedness, collaboration and unity. 
    Saturday, 10 October, 1pm: Alvaro Barrington, CHAPTER 1
    IMH 9 Cork Street / Basement and livestream @friezeartfair
    Online only
    Saturday, 10 October, 4pm: Alvaro Barrington, CHAPTER 2
    IMH 9 Cork Street / Basement and livestream @friezeartfair
    Online only 
    Sunday, 11 October, 4pm: Alvaro Barrington, CHAPTER 3
    IMH 9 Cork Street / Basement and livestream @friezeartfair
    Online only
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    "Art is always who we are. It’s about community"


    With these drawings, Alvaro Barrington invites you to be part of a virtual collaboration, an opportunity to share ideas through making art, reflecting his all-embracing approach to community and shared culture. "We are each unique in our humanity, but we belong to the world. These drawings are a collaborative creative experience, for you to print, colour in, to pass the time, to share with your children to colour in, cut and paste your own face, draw the tree outside your own window, make your own family tree... "
    – Alvaro Barrington

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    The images above show a series of Barrington's recent drawings. In a selection available to download, the artist has left part of each work uncoloured as an open invitation to the community – children, adults and artists alike – to make a collaborative project. Print, cut, colour, or work on digitally and share your creations with the artist via social media by tagging @alvarobarrington.



    We encourage those who are able to make a voluntary donation to NHS Charities Together Covid-19 Appeal or the charity of your choice.


    About the drawings

    Depicting a heavily pregnant woman set against the gnarled trunk of a tree, the drawing speaks to the artist’s ongoing exploration of the interconnectedness between sex, birth, fertility, nature and community. Barrington has long been drawn to particular trees both during his daily sanctioned walks during the Coronavirus lockdown and when he explored new cities prior to the present situation. All the trees he depicts are from specific locations and includes one that stands close to Galerie Thaddaeus Ropac’s Gallery in the Marais district of Paris.

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  • Artist and Curator Panel Discussion on the occasion of the exhibition 'Artists I Steal From'
    June 24, 2019 - June 24, 2019
    London ELY HOUSE

    Galerie Thaddaeus Ropac in Partnership with    Magazine Invites You to an Artist and Curator Panel Discussion

    On the Occasion of the Exhibition ARTISTS I STEAL FROM, Curated by Alvaro Barrington and Julia Peyton-Jones

    Monday 24 June 2019, 5.30PM

    Etel Adnan · Emma Amos · Janine Antoni · Amelia Barratt · Alvaro Barrington · Georg Baselitz · Jean-Michel Basquiat · Joseph Beuys · Louise Bourgeois · Joe Bradley · Lisa Brice · Derrick Alexis Coard · Robert Colescott · Thornton Dial · Louise Fishman · Gerasimos Floratos · Denzil Forrester · Katharina Grosse · Philip Guston · Charline Von Heyl · Howard Hodgkin · Allison Katz · Ellsworth Kelly · Raoul De Keyser · Willem De Kooning · Jacob Lawrence · Agnes Martin · Chris Martin · Todd Mcfarlane · Archibald J. Motley Jr. · Elizabeth Murray · Laura Owens · Elizabeth Peyton · André Pierre · Simonette Quamina · Robert Rauschenberg · Robert Ryman · Paul Mpagi Sepuya · Trevor Shimizu · Malick Sidibé · Amy Sillman Mary T. Smith · Henry Taylor · Bob Thompson · Cy Twombly · Nari Ward · Andy Warhol · Issy Wood · Purvis Young


    ALVARO BARRINGTON, Artist and Exhibition Curator
    JULIA PEYTON-JONES, Senior Global Director Special Projects, Galerie Thaddaeus Ropac, Exhibition Curator
    ISSY WOOD, Artist in the Exhibition
    Chaired by JENNIFER HIGGIE, Editorial Director of   magazine

    Join us at Galerie Thaddaeus Ropac London for a panel discussion with the co-curators of Artists I Steal From, artist Alvaro Barrington and Julia Peyton-Jones, together with exhibiting artist Issy Wood and Editorial Director of magazine, Jennifer Higgie. The talk will explore the role of influence in an artist's practice, how they steal from their heroes, and the unique opportunities afforded to us when looking at art through the eyes of an artist.

    'It's an incredible window on the world, to see through the eyes of an artist. Artists are able to find the truth in things that are not immediately apparent, which is why one is inspired, informed and reconnected to oneself when looking at a great work of art.' Julia Peyton-Jones

    'Being an artist is about rigorous training. A constant looking and asking. "What is the artist doing?" It is not about assumption but is a questioning: "What is the point?", "What is possible within painting?" and "Who can I learn from?" This project began as a way for me to catalog tools artists use in order to make a painting successful. Through that questioning I've found that I make better decisions in my work." Alvaro Barrington

    Tickets are free but booking is essential

    In collaboration with  magazine, watch the discussion live on our Instagram  @thaddaeusropac 

    Artists I Steal From is about looking at art through the eyes of an artist. The exhibition brings together works by 49 artists, some of whom have never been shown in the UK before, some who are considered to be among the greatest artists of our time, including a major loan from The Willem de Kooning Estate and a previously unseen drawing by Cy Twombly.
    Artists have always borrowed from one another; however, few are as candid about their sources - about who they steal from and why - as Alvaro Barrington. The artists in this exhibition are those Barrington looks to, and steals from. All have directly influenced the way he creates, thinks and sees, and all have perfected techniques or solutions that have informed his own. In revealing his sources, Barrington renders us uniquely privy to his inner thought processes, isolating and highlighting specific concerns or visual tools from the myriad elements that shape each featured artist's practice, allowing us to (re-)connect with the artists and works on display.

    'With this exhibition, Barrington lays bare his thinking: what he's looking at, as well as what informs and educates him, which is usually a private process.' Julia Peyton-Jones
    Tickets are free but booking is essential


    As part of Mayfair Art Weekend 2019, the gallery will open to the public until 8pm on Friday 28 June.

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